KuthiraiVaali 1kg


Barnyard millet is a species of Echinochloa that is cultivated on a small scale in India, Japan, China, and Korea, both as a food and for animal fodder. It is grown in areas where the land is unsuitable or the climate too cool for paddy rice cultivation.

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Health Benefits of Banyard Millets:-

  • High in fibre
  • Good source of zinc and manganese
  • Helps to maintain body temperature
  • Rich Anti – Oxidant
  • High in Carbohydrate
  • The bran layer has fat (good fat) and minerals
  • Millets are predominantly starch. (It gives a sweet taste)
  • Good source of B-complex vitamins
  • The protien content is comparable to that of wheat and maize
  • Recommended – Healthy Food to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally
  • Good for diabetic patients
  • Helps accelerate weight loss
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