Sivappu Kavuni 1kg


  • The name Sivappu Kavuni was given to this type of grain due to the presence of anthocyanin content in it, which makes the color of the rice to look red in color.

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  • This type of rice contains antioxidants such as Iron, Zinc and Manganese. As we know antioxidants helps to fight the free radicals (Causes damages to the tissues and cells) which are released from the human body. It also helps to maintain our body’s defense mechanism to function effectively. It also helps in boosting the healing properties.
  • It has monacolin K (An active component) in it, which helps to lower the bad cholesterol level. This active component is present in the drugs, prescribed for treating bad cholesterol
  • It is highly rich in fiber. Consuming this type of rice cures constipation and prevents bowel movements. Since, it has ample amount of useful fiber, it gives adequate energy for the body to carryout regular activities.
  • Completely reduces changes of heart attack. Report has said that the chances of having a heart attack got reduced drastically for those who consume red rice regularly. This is because; red rice reduces bad cholesterol called LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein cholesterol).